Balochistan Highway Police

Balochistan   Highway   Police   Naseerabad  was  established on  31-05-2003  from Sibi to   Sem   Shakh (District Jaffarabad)  and  was handed over   to  Balochistan  Highway  Police Naseerabad for  providing security to road users.

Vision & Aims

The concept of Highway Police is based on people   friendly   force,    its   prime function / role to   make   the Highway safe and smooth for passengers so that they could travel with complete peace of mind with out any fear. The second  most important  function   of  BHP  is  to  provide  speedy   and  timely   help   to   the  victims  of  accidents and also  helping out the passengers in hot and cold weather with water and other help i.e providing POL from Petrol Pump, mending punctures & spare parts of vehicles etc.

Highway Patrolling Plan

The total length of this section is 155 KM. The entire section is divided onto five beats namely, Sibi (Beat No.5), Bakhtiarabad (Beat No.6), Notal (Beat No.7), Dera Murad Jamali (Beat No.8) and Dera Allah Yar (Beat No.9). Each beat has approximately of 30/35 KM length of area. Every beat has been leading by DSP/CPO (Chief Patrolling Officer) and with an IP/Admn for administrative function. The patrolling duties are divided into equal three shifts. ‘A’ shift begins from 06:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs ‘B’ shift from 14:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs and ‘C’ shift from 22:00 hrs to 06:00 hrs, accordingly.


Name of Beats






Cities Distance in Between

 5   38   Sibi - Lindsay Phattack   Sibi
 6   29   Lindsay - Bakhtiarabad   Bakhtiarabad
 7   24   Bakhtiarabad - Zero Point   Bakhtiarabad
8   31   Zero Point - D.M.Jamali   Notal
 9   33   D.M.Jamali - Seem Shakh D.A.Yar   Mangoli