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 News - Bulletin   (as on 05-12-2012)
7 6th NBP All Pakistan Boxing Tournament 2012, Quetta
6th NBP All Pakistan Boxing Tournament, 2012 was held at Quetta from 26th to 29th June at Police Lines, Quetta. The IGP Balochistan Mr. Tarik Umar Khitab was the Chief Guest
6 All Pakistan Invitational Volleyball Championship, Peshawar
All Pakistan Invitational Volleyball Championship was held at Peshawar from 22nd to 24th June, 2012. Police Volleyball Team also took part in the said tournament. Constable No.128 Imranullah from Balochistan Police was selected for Police Volleyball Team
5 Training/ Coaching Camp for 12th South Asian Games, India
Constable No.7472 Abdul Rehman was selected for Training/ Coaching Camp for 12th South Asian Games, India, was held at Islamabad
4 21st National Karate Championship 2012, Peshawar
st National Karate Championship, 2012 was held at Peshawar from 25th to 27th May, 2012. Following four players of Balochistan Police participated in Pakistan Police Karate Team and led the team to Semi-Finals and achieved Bronze Medals:-
ASI  Sher Ali 1-Bronze Medal
C/7484 Muhammad Azam Shad 1-Bronze Medal
C/5115 Khan Muhammad 1-Bronze Medal
C/7472 Abdul Rehman 2-Bronze Medal
C/7472 Abdul Rehman has also qualified for Pakistan Karate Camp
3 34th VELO National Boxing Championship 2012, Lahore
th VELO National Boxing Championship 2012 held at Punjab University, Lahore from 23rd to 27th April. Pakistan Police Team comprising of 5 Balochistan Police Players participated and HC/5392 Muhibullah Bacha of Balochistan Police achieved Gold Medal as well as declared as Best Boxer of the Tournament whereas C/5034 Attaullah and C/1023 Muhammad Haroon both of Balochistan Police achieved Bronze Medals
2 Nawab Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Raisani Memorial Badminton Tournament, 2012
Nawab Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Raisani Memorial Badminton Tournament, 2012 was held at Police Badminton Club, Quetta & participated by 120 Senior/ Junior players. Mr. Hasnain Baig won the title of Men Singles and Mr. Jamil Ahmed finished 2
nd. Men Doubles Winner crowned to Mr. Faizullah & Mr. Jamil Hussain, however Mr. Aurangzeb Iqbal & Mr. Sabir Kasi declared as Runner-ups.
Title of Under-19 won by Mr. Ali Akbar & Mr. Oan Muhammad finished 2nd.
1 Nomination of Deputy Director (Administration) Balochistan Police Sports Board
Mr. Muhammad Akbar Raisani, PSP / Senior Superintendent of Police Headquarters Balochistan Constabulary, Quetta has been nominated as Deputy Director Sports (Administration) Balochistan Police Sports Board on 07-05-2012.

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