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Sports Policy 


It has been observed that not only the general standard of sports had been gradually going down but the interest in games had also been sagging for the past few years. Nevertheless, after the set up of the office of the Director Sports Balochistan Police, sports activities has been kicked up to some extent. Since physical fitness is one of the principal traits of a professionally sound police officer, it was felt that necessary incentives and stimuli be provided for promotion of sports and physical fitness in Police Force. In order to achieve the objective in view, rewards and promotions to outstanding sportsmen is considered imperative. Comprehensive Standing Instructions as outlined below are, therefore, being issued for strict compliance at all levels. DIGs and SPs are particularly emphasized to evince personal interest and ensure that the talent, wherever available, is given due recognition and good sportsmen are encouraged to join Police & give better performance:

All Regional DIGs and Heads of District Police Offices will ensure that the following major games are played daily in Unit Lines, except for closed holidays. Not only necessary facilities be provided in this behalf but an endeavor should be made to raise Districts / Unit teams where necessary talent is available:

                        1)         Hockey

                        2)         Football

                        3)         Badminton

                        4)         Volley Ball

                        5)         Shooting Ball

                        6)         Tug of War

                        7)         Table Tennis

                        8)         Basket Ball

                        9)         Karate

Recruitment / Selection of Sportsmen

 A quota of two percent (2%) of the total strength of all the Units / Districts of Balochistan Police is hereby fixed for Sportsmen forthwith. Outstanding Sportsmen will be inducted in the Department as on special case and from already appointed upper and lower subordinates. They will only practice their games and attend matches / tournaments wherever held in the country to grab name, fame, and honour for the department. After having been appointed / selected for any discipline, they would be attached with the Director Sports Balochistan Police. Their game activities would be administered, managed, and monitored by the Assistant Director Sports, and Sports Officers. It is further elaborated that if sportsmen selected from a District or Unit exceeds the above quota will be transferred from that District / Unit to other District or Unit to strictly following the above instructions and concerned Head of the District / Unit will have to cooperate with the Director Sports Balochistan Police.

Inter District / Unit Tournaments

a)                 Region DIGs will organize inter-District Region Tournaments in the above games by the month of April each year.

b)                 The individual sportsmen and members of teams winning Inter-District, Region Tournaments shall be given Commendation Certificate Class II with suitable cash reward while the runners-up shall be conferred upon Commendation Certificate Class III with suitable cash reward.

c)                  Constables exhibiting outstanding performance shall be considered for entry into List A-I, B-I and C-I, as the case may be, by the Region DIGs as well as CCPO Quetta.

Inter Region Sports

a)                 Inter Region Balochistan Police Sports Tournaments shall be organized by the Director Sports, Balochistan Police by the month of May every year.

b)                 Policemen securing first position in any individual event in Athletics and Members of the teams winning the Police Inter Region Championship shall be awarded CC-I with suitable cash reward not less than Rs. 1000 while the runners-up given CC-II with suitable cash reward not less than Rs. 500.

Selection of Teams and Training

a)                 Balochistan Police Teams shall be selected by the Director Sports Balochistan Police by the month of April each year and he would organize training camps at stations considered suitable from training.

b)                 The Members of the Balochistan Police Teams when called for camp by the Director Sports Balochistan Police they shall be immediately relieved by the respective Heads of Police.


a)                 Police officers selected in the Provincial Teams for International Competition shall be awarded a CC-I with Rs. 5000 as reward every time they are picked up for such representation.

b)                 Members of the Police Teams or individual Police officers who win the National Championship in any game:

i.                    Shall be placed on List B-I, promoted as HCs and sent for the next immediate Lower School Course if they happen to be Constables.

ii.                  Shall be confirmed, promoted as officiating ASIs and sent for the next immediate Intermediate School Course if they happen to be officiating HCs.

iii.                Shall be confirmed and promoted to the next higher rank if they are officiating as ASI, SI or Inspector. In case of ASIs and SIs, they shall be nominated for the next immediate Upper School Course.

iv.                 They shall also be awarded a CC-I with a cash reward of Rs. 7500/- or above.

v.                   Police members of the National Teams who win Gold Medal in World / Asian Olympic Games or World Cup shall be given one-step promotion, brought on next Promotion List, nominated for next immediate Promotion Course and also awarded a cash reward of Rs. 10,000 or above with a letter of appreciation by the Provincial Police Officer, which shall be placed on their Service / Character Rolls.

vi.                 Promotion indicated under items (6) (b) above will, however, be admissible once in two years and an officer earning promotion on sports basis to the next rank should have served for at least two years since the date of his last promotion on similar basis.

vii.       Meritorious performance by sportsmen will also be duly recognized by offering them suitable souvenirs / cash rewards.


Earlier there was a practice that all District / Units were deducts sports fund from the salary of their employees and remit to the Director Sports but by the passage of time and after computerization of salaries this practice was stopped. It is advised that Rs: 3/- (Three Rupees only) shall be deducted from the salary of each employees and all the Heads of Districts / Units shall stand responsible to remit that amount to the Director Sports. The Director sports will ensure proper record of the amount and will submit audit report of the same annually to the PPO.


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