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   Books by Police Officers  


Author  Book Title
Hafiz S.D. Jamy 1.    Police, Crime & Politics
Memoirs of an IGP
Sardar Muhammad Chaudary 1. The Ultimate crime 
2. Jahan-e-Hairat 
3. Punjab Police Such Kia Hai 
4. Quaid-i-Azam Biswi Sadi Ka Sab Say Bada Insaan 
5. The Trail Blazer 
6. Kisht-e-Wiran 
7. Mata-e-Faqeer 
8. Rawish Rawish Roshan 
Dr. Azhar Hassan Nadeem 1. Pakistan: The Political Economy of Lawlessness 
2. The Punjab Police in a Comparative Perspective 
3. Apni Police 
Malik Khuda Bakhsh Awan 1. Anti-Corruption Strategies in Pakistan 
2. Interrogation (Techniques & Methods) 
3. The Investigator as a Witness 
4. Crime Prevention Tips 
5. Benevolent Policing 
Ehsan Sadiq 1. Violence Against Women
(Manual of Guidelines for Improving Police Awareness and Response)  
Aftab Ahmad Khan 1. Criminalistics 
2. Foot Print Science 
Nazir Ahmad Razvi 1. Our Police Heritage
(Saga of the Police Forces of Pakistan and India) 
Tariq Ashraf Mughal 1. Police Throughout History 
(From 634 A.D. to 1947) 
Mushtaq Hussain 1. Traffic Aik Masla Aik Hal 
Ghulam Abbas 1. Hum Ghazi Ham Shaheed 
Alla-u-Din 1. Katchi Nokri 
Amman Ullah Khan 1. Punjab Police Ka Shujaat Ka Nishaan 
2. Farz Ki Pukar 
M. Ejaz Hashmi 1. Nigahoon Main Panahain 
2. Aksay Khalish 
M.R. Shahid 1. Shuhda-e-Punjab Police 
2. Lahore Mein Madfoon Mashaheer 
3. Shehr e Khamoshan Kay Makin 
4. Shaheedaan e Watan 
Tanveer Zaman 1. Harfan Day Parchanwain (Ghazalan) 
Sharif Zafar 1. Speed Breaker
2. Traffic Ka Koi Chore Darwaza Nai
     (Follow traffic rules - Save your future)
3. MAA (Mother)

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