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Meeting scheduled between representatives of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Acting Inspector General of Police Balochistan Quetta was held on 07.03.2012 at 11:30 hours in the Central Police Office, Balochistan.

During the meeting establishment of more CBT Centres were discussed in details. The Representative of UNODC pointed out that they have already selected venues both in RTC Tippu Line and Police Line CCP Quetta for establishment of CBT Centres.

They further pointed out that they will be distributing Crime Scene Investigation Kits in all Police Stations in Quetta. These Investigation Kits will be used by the Mobile Staff of each Police Station to act as First Responder for which the

Police Station Staff will be trained by UNODC. The UNODC Representative also showed interest in the enhancement of skills of Police Officers involved in the handling of forensic science issues. For this purpose a “Train the Trainers Program” (ToT)

will be conducted by UNODC for the officers of Police Training Institutes. The UNODC has recently handed over 730 bicycles to Balochistan Police which were further distributed to the field staff.

CPO Training Branch in collaboration with ROZEN conducted a Training of Trainers (ToT) course on Attitudinal Change Module for the Instructors of PTC Sariab / RTC Kachmore from 15.12.2011 to 23.12.2011 at CPO Auditorium Hall.

Training programme was attended by 23 Instructors both from PTC Sariab Quetta and RTC Kachmore Quetta Cantt. On conclusion of the training programme, successful participants were distributed Certificates.

CPO Training Branch in collaboration with ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) conducted Training on International Standards of Policing from 20.12.2011 to 21.12.2011 at CPO Auditorium Hall

so in that future any information of every FIR could be made online.

Crimes Branch conducted a raid and recovered 1.71 Kgs Heroin and arrested 4 accused persons during last 24 hours

Police arrested 1 Proclaimed Offender, 11 absconders and 3 accused persons wanted in various cases during last 24 hours.

Rao Amin Hashim Inspector General of Balochistan inaugurated Computer Based Training (CBT) Centre of Police Training College Sariab Quetta on 29-09-2011.

The IGP has directed that all trainees of pre-service / in-service courses will undergo Computer Based Training in Police Training College, Quetta.

The IGP further directed that Commandant PTC Sariab will include the CBT Programme in the syllabus of all courses.

The IGP also directed that trainee who fails to qualify the Computer Based Training, he will be declared as fail in the in-service / pre-service course which he has undergone.

UNODC has established Computer Based Training (CBT) Centre at Police Training College Sariab Quetta. The CBT aims to support capacity development of law enforcement agencies in Pakistan to counter criminal activity through the introduction

In 2012, UNODC will also provide fully equipped CBT Centre in Headquarter Police Line Quetta.

District Awaran ...

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The earliest history of Awaran is the same as that of Khuzdar and the Southern area of Balochistan. As mentioned in the Gazetteer of Jhalawan: “Sir T. Holdich, thought that Krateros went by the Mula Pass and if this was the case it seemed possible that Choarene may be identifiable with Khuzdar”. Mula Pass also covers the area of present Awaran. The central position of Awaran is evident from the point of convergence near Bela from the Turbat Gwadar link to Karachi - Quetta RCD highway (Kia to Awaran and Jhal Jhao). It is possible that, during the time of the Arabs when Khuzdar was the chief town of this area, this route was adopted by them. The tribes in Awaran are divided into several clans. The main tribes in the district are Bizenjos, Mohammed Hasnis, Sajdis, Mirwanis, Rakhshani, Musianis, Sumalanies and Mengals.  The Bizenjos occupy the area along the banks of the Hingol river from Nal to the Jau valley. A considerable number of the Bizenjos is found in Kech and Awaran.  They settled at the time of Mir Fakir Mohammed Bizenjo, the chief of the tribe.          

The second main tribe in the area is Mohammed Hasnis. They live in the valley of Mashkai in the northern part of the district. The third major tribe in the area is known as Sajdis. The dominant sections of the tribe in the area are Sakazai, who seem really to be of Scythian origin. The Sajdi were true Balochs but, owing partly to inter-marriage, gradually amalgamated with the Brahvis. According to local accounts, the Sajdis first appeared 25 generations back, from the north, and established themselves in the Gichk valley near Panjgur.  

Another tribe, i.e., Mirwanis is also famous in the area. It is an important Brahvi tribe. In the district, Mirwanis are principally found in Mashkai. The Mengals are also residing in the area, There are three distinct Brahvi tribes amongst Mengals. First is the Mengals of Khuzdar, second is the Mengals of Bolan, and third is the Mengals of Naushki. The Khuzdar Mengals are said to be Jadgals by origin. They are subdivided into the following branches. Shahizai, Pahlwanzai, Raisani, Baranzai, Mahmudzai, Mardoi, Sheikh, and Lehri. All of them, except the Lehris, are Raj-o-Kabila. Mengals take pride in some of their brave chiefs. At present Mengals are dominant in the district.  

Awaran was notified as a separate district on 11th November 1992. Previously it was a sub-division of Khuzdar district. The old name of Awaran was Kolwa. The district consists of three tehsils – Mashkai, Awaran, Jhal Jhao –, eight patwar circles, and 204 mauzas.


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