Foreign Courses from 2010 to 2015 and officers undergone


Name & Place of Posting

Training attended


Mirza Faran Baig

RPO Loralai

1.       Attended 19th High Level course scheduled from 25.01.2010 to 19.02.2010.

2.       Attended course on Combating Terrorism Finance scheduled from 17.04.2010 to 08.05.2010 in USA


Mr. Usman Ghani Siddiqui ASP/SDPO Hub

Attended CBRNDC awareness Training – Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC), Semarang, Indonesia from 17.05.2010 to 21.05.2010


Mr. Khuram Shakoor

DIG Headquarters CPO Quetta

Now RPO Gwadar

1.       Attended course on Asian Regional Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP), from 06.04.2010 to 29.04.2010 at Melbourne, Australia

2.       Attended training course on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), Semarang Indonesia from 17.05.2010 to 21.05.2010

3.       Attended Asia Region Law Enforcement Management Program in Vietnam from 26.08.2010 to 27.08.2010

4.       Attended 03-weeks Community Policing Program in USA under the auspices of International Visitor Leadership Program from 14.05.2011 to 04.06.2011


Mr. Rehmatullah Khan Niazi

DIG Special Branch Balochistan

1.       Attended Task Force Operation Course for Police Officers from 15-26 Aug.2005 at International Law Enforcement Academy Bangkok Thailand

2.       Attended 21st High Level Course at CoESPU Vicenza, Italy from 31.05.2010 to 24.06.2010


Capt ® Atta Muhammad 

RPO Zhob

1.       Attended training course on “Crime Prevention” held in Korean International Cooperation Agency Korea from 10.06.2010 to 03.07.2010

2.       Attend the training course on International Terrorism Investigation in JACA Japan from 16.10.2011 to 29.10.2011


Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Kasi

acting DIG Highway Balochistan


1.       Attended 20th High Level Course from 19.04.2010 to 14.05.2010 at (CoESPU) Vicenza Italy


Mr. Khurshid Hasan Khan Afridi

DPO Khuzdar

1.       Attended Sub Regional Workshop on countering the use of the Internet for Terrorist purpose St. Petersburg from 26.07.2011 to 28.07.2011


Mr. Shakir Hussain Dawar

AIG Training CPO

1.       Attended course on Asian Regional Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP), from 06.04.2010 to 29.04.2010 at Melbourne, Australia

2.       Attended Computer Forensic Training Programme – Istanbul Turkey from 21.06.2010 to 25.06.2010.


Mr. Wazir Khan Nasar

SSP Monitoring, Special Branch, Quetta.

1.Attended Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and Search Awareness Course in the UK from between 08.03.2010 to 26.03.2010

2.2015 Seminar on Construction of Public Video surveillance network for Development countries in 2015 starting from 15th May to 11th June, 2015 in china.


Abdul Hayee Baloch

DPO Naseerabad

22nd High Level Course at Italy from 20h September to 15th October 2010


Agha Tahir Allauddin

AIG Establishment

1.       Attended 19th Middle Management Course from 18.01.2010 to 19.02.2010 at Italy

2.       Attended Seminar on Major Security Management for developing Countries II, from 11.10.2011 to 31.10.2011 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

3.       Attended Additional NATO-Russia Council Project on Counter Narcotics training of Central Asian, Afghan and Pakistan Law Enforcement personnel from 05.06.2012 to 21.06.2012


Mr. Muhammad Saleem Lehri

DIG CID Balochistan

1.       Attended fourth Regional Workshop Police Officers and Prosecutors in South Asia on Countering Terrorism in Thimphu, Bhutan from 24.05.2011 to 26.05.2011


Mr. Ghulam Ali Lashari

 DPO Sibi  

1.       Seminar on Law Enforcement Commanding and Decision Making for development countries in Jinan Shandong China from 17.08.2011 to 06.09.2011

2.      252nd Session FBI National Academy USA from 13.01.2013 to 22.03.2013


Mr. Karamullah Soomro

SP Ops Saddar CCP (Transferred)

Attended 21st Middle Management Course from 24.05.2010 to 25.06.2010 at Italy


Mr. Ahsan Mehboob Addl. IGP/Commandant BC Quetta

Attended Australian Bomb Data Centre (ABDC) Annual Conference in Sydney from 02.11.2011 to 04.11.2011 and a visit to Canberra from 07.11.2011 to 08.11.2011


Mr. Muhammad Ismail AIG Training (Retired)

Attended training workshop for senior police officers of Pakistan in Beijing China from 14.11.2011 to 28.11.2011


Mr. Muhammad Naeem Kakar

Director Crime Branch 

Attended 02-days Forensic Capacity Building and Training from 28.7.2011 to 29.07.2011 at Abu Dhabi under Australian Federal Police – continuing assistance to Pakistan Law Enforcement Agencies


Mr. Imran Qureshi ASP SDPO Cantt CCP Quetta (now OSD/CPO)

Attended Explosive and Bomb Scene Awareness Canberra, Australia from 16.01.2012 to 27.01.2012 


Mr. M. Ghalib A. Bandesha

Addl. IGP (Admn)

Attended a training course for Laboratory Management for Specialist & Technical Experts in Australia, Canberra from 16.04.2012 to 27.04.2012 


Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Marwat IP Firearms Expert, FSL Crime Branch Quetta

Attended training course for senior police officers on Introduction to Firearms Examination in Canberra, Australia from 02.04.2012 to 13.04.2012


Khawaja Muhammad Qaiser Farooq DSP FSL Crime Branch Quetta

Attended a training course for Foreign Expert from 11.06.2012 to 22.06.2012 in Canberra, Australia 


Mr. Muhammad Munir Maan DSP FSL Crime Branch Quetta

Attended Fingerprint Recovery & Enhancement in Canberra, Australia from 09.07.2012 to 20.07.2012


Mr. Abid Ali Baloch ASP / SDPO Jaffarabad District

Attended Training Course on Evidence Recognition and Recovery scheduled to be held from 03.09.2012 to 14.09.2012 at Australia


Mr. Iftikhar-ul-Haq (PSP/BS-19) DPO Bolan

Attended training course on Law Enforcement for Senior Police Officers at China from 15.09.2012 to 29.09.2012


Mr. Bashir Ahmed ASP / SDPO Quaidabad CCP Quetta

Attended Seminar on the Anti-Hijacking Skill for Developing Countries from 25.10.2012 to 19.12.2012 at Beijing China


Mr. Atif Ikram PSP BS-18 DPO Ziarat

Nominated to attend Drug Law Enforcement Study Program for Pakistan Narcotics Control Officers in Beijing China from 28.10.2012 to 11.11.2012


Mrs. Sobia Khanum ASI (BS-09)

Attended Women Study Tour in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) from 26.11.2012 to 07.12.2012


Mr. Qamar-uz-Zaman (PSP / BS-20) DIG Highway Balochistan

Nominated to attend training course on Community Policing Strategies Evolving at Singapore, Japan from 03.12.2012 to 07.12.2012


Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed (PSP / BS-19) DIG Investigation Balochistan Quetta

Attended Australian Bomb Centre Conference at Sydney from 05.12.2012 to 07.12.2012


Capt ® Syed Ahmed Mobin Zaidi

Firearm and Toolmark Examination and Serial Number Restoration from 11.02.2013 to 22.02.2013 at Canberra, Australia


Mr. Muhammad Kamran Khan

Physical Evidence and Triage Program from 11.03.2013 to 22.03.2013 at Australia


Mr. Muhammad Umer

Fingerprint Detection & Enhancement from 20.05.2013 to 31.05.2013 at Australia


Mr. Samiullah Somroo

Seminar on Criminal Investigation from 19.01.2014 to 08.02.2014 Japan


Mr. Arif Nawaz Khan

ACMC Civil Military Leadership Workshop from 10.02.2014 to 11.02.2014 at Australia


Mr. Shahzada Sultan,

AIG Establishment CPO, Quetta

2nd Course on Gender Protection (GP02) from 31.03.2014 to 11.04.2014 in Italy


Mr. Khalid Mehmood,

DIG Headquarters CPO, Quetta

Disaster Victims Identification – Commanders Courser – Melbourne, Australia – Call for Nomination from 28.04.2014 to 02.05.2014


Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera,

IGP Balochistan, Quetta

Thematic Meeting on the Strategic Guidance Framework for International Police Peackeeping-China from 29.06.2014 to 01.07.2014 at China


Mr. Arsalan Mehmood

CBRNE-First Responder Training Program under the Malaysia Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) from 22-27 September, 2014  at Malaysia


Mr. Muhammad Hashim, BS-18

Deputy Commandant PTC, Quetta

2015 Seminar on Construction of Public Video surveillance network for Development countries in 2015 starting from 15th May to 11th June, 2015 in china.


Mr. Moazzam Jan Ansari,

RPO Mekran

Community Policing in Pakistan Police curriculum development workshop 21st to 25th March, 2015, Italy


Syed Asad Raza BS-18

SSP Investigation, CCP Quetta

Community Policing in Pakistan Police curriculum development workshop 21st to 25th March, 2015, Italy


Mr. Muhammad Ayub Qureshi, BS-21

Addl: IGP/ Admn, CPO, Quetta

Regional Executive Leadership Program from 23.08.15 to 11.09.15, Indonesia


IP Qambar Baloch

CTD, Quetta

Financial Investigations, Terrorist Financing and Complex Financial Crime Seminar from 6th to 17th September, 15 at Doha Qatar