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Coordinating NGOs

  • CRS (Catholic Relief Service)

CRS is an International Humanitarian, non faith, non profit Organization working in Pakistan since 1954 and supporting the poor and marginalized communities. One of their objective is to provide a rapid and adequate protection response to Afghan refugees who face legal and protection problems in the country of asylum through its protection Programme. CRS is closely working with Police and other law enforcement agencies.

  • Seher ( Society for Empowering Human Resources)

SEHER is a right based and autonomous body working for the destitute persons of society. LESS is the legal empowerment programme of SEHER organization and the objective of the body is to reduce crimes ration, eliminate child abuses / exploitation, women violence and provide free legal aid juveniles, women, poor citizen and foreigners who are spending extra punishment and periods s of imprisonment in jails.

  • B.E.F.A.Re.

The International NGO working in diverse areas of development, ranging from Health and Education to address sensitive social issues like illegal Migration, Human Smuggling & Human trafficking. As part of its strategy to sensitize personnel of the Law Enforcement Agencies who are, in one way of another, have to deal with this issue, and to provide them conceptual clarity regarding the social and legal aspects of this social evil.

  • ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)

International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) works with the Police Services of Balochistan to offer several workshops to police officers and other law enforcement agencies in Quetta and in several districts of Balochistan Province.


National Project for participatory Citizens - Police Interaction & training for improved policing Human Rights violations and advocating police reforms.


UNODC has established Computer Based Training (CBT) Centre at Police Training College Sariab Quetta. The CBT aims to support capacity development of law enforcement agencies in Pakistan to counter criminal activity through the introduction of their internationally recognized training curricula and programme. CBT is comprised of interactive multimedia training in both Urdu and English, in subject relevant to the responsibilities of law enforcement officers.