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Peacekeeping has become an important aspect of our national heritage as well as being reflection of our fundamental beliefs. Peacekeeping is a dynamic concept which warrants respond to a changing International environment. Our country is building an established tradition by continuing to make solid and imaginative contribution to International peace and security for the last more than 50 years. As a result of which Pakistan has established and International reputation amongst the member states.

                         Unfortunately, we do not have our own established Forum to coordinate with the concerned stakeholders who are responsible either to guide the new Peacekeepers or to get resolve their certain issues which they are facing.   For this purpose, it has been felt expedient to establish United Nations Mission Peacekeepers Alumni Forum Balochistan Chapter.

                         For this purpose, on 8th of September 201(Thursday)  meeting was arranged.

 OBJECTIVE OF UNMPAF (United Nations Mission Peacekeepers Alumni Forum)

  1. Constitution of Interim Executive Committee which will work till 31.12.2011.
  2. Deliberation to make members for UNMPAF.
  3. Registration of UNMPAF with the Registrar.
  4. Contribution per month.
  5. Creation of Website.
  6. Quarterly Meeting.
  7. Preparation of Catalogue

 MANDATE OF THE UNMPAF (United Nations Mission Peacekeepers Alumni Forum)

  1. It will be a Non-Political Forum to develop common outlook and harmony amongst mission veterans. 
  2. To guide the new aspirants for UN Mission.
  3. To adopt strategy for creation of Peace Keeping Centre in the light of UN requirements.
  4. Creation of UN desk at CPO level.

Minutes of the UNMPAF Meeting

                      On 8th September 2011 at 1800 hours,  a meeting under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ghalib Bandesha, Addl: IGP Administration was held in the Conference Room of CPO, Quetta, with the Balochistan Police officers, who had served in various UN Peacekeeping missions.

                      The meeting centered on the establishment of UN Missions, Peacekeepers Alumni Forum under whose umbrella all the veterans of UN Missions shall assemble, deliberate, commemorate and share their experience from time to time. The chair apprised the participants about the raison d'etre / objectives of the new Forum and exhorted them to give valuable suggestions in the formative  phase  of creation of the Forum.

                    After preliminary introduction of the idea, the Floor was open to the participant for discussion.


                   The Forum will purely be a non-political entity and its objectives will be as under:

  1. To deploy common outlook between the officers who had served in various missions.

  2. To guide the Police Officers for future deployment.

  3. To suggest improvement in the selection and deployments procedures to the Ministry of Interior.


                  All the participants unanimously welcomed the initiative of establishment of UN  Missions Alumni  Forum and and assured full co-operation to make it a success.


                   During the meeting following decisions were taken:

  1. The name of the organization shall be UN Mission Peacekeepers Alumni Forum Balochistan Chapter Pakistan, which can be amended / changed later.

  2. The office of the organization shall be located at Central Police Office.

  3. An Interim Executive Committee shall consulted during the today's proceedings.

  4. The membership shall be on voluntary basis, after registration of the Forum all members shall make contribution of Rs. 100/- each per months.

  5. The Executive Committee shall arrange to prepare a catalogue of members/veterans and distribute the copy of the same to all the members for inter personal communication, within two months.

  6. The legal Advisor is to be tasked to collect information registration of the organization and ensure registration as early as possible.

  7. The Executive Committee shall convene meeting at CPO, Conference/ Committee Room on regular basis, while a general meeting shall be held on quarterly basis.

  8. The Executive Committee shall make arrangement to launch website of the organization the assistance of experts within two months.

  9. Next meeting will held immediately after Eid-ul-Azha.

 Interim executive Committee

                      In pursuance of the decision of the members of the Forum, an Interim Executive Committee, who will work till 31st December 2011, was unanimously selected.

                      The Interim Executive Committee will comprise of the following members:

  1. Mr. Ghalib Bandesha, Patron -in- Chief

  2. Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Kasi, President

  3. Mr. Muhammad Ismail, Vice President

  4. Mr. Sohail Sheikh, Finance Secretary

  5. Mr. Zubair Ahmed, General Secretary

  6. Mr. Younas Raza, Information Secretary

 Meeting's Photographs


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