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 Welfare Projects


Police Al-Muhafiz Society:
Al-Muhafiz Cooperative Housing Society was registered in 1983.

Police Shopping Plazas:
Constructed in 1985.

Police Welfare Petrol Pump:
Constructed in 1997.

Police Grammar School
Established in 1995 with an objective to impart quality education to the children of low paid Police employees.

Police Welfare Printing Press:
Established in the year 2000

Welfare Packages:

 1. Financial Assistance

 2.  Loans

 3. Scholarship

 4. Retirement Grant / Aid

 5. Marriage Expenses

 6. Child Birth Aid: Major Operation on 1st & 2nd delivery

 7. Quarterly grant to Police Line Hospital / Dispensaries

 8. Monthly subsistence Allowance to Widow and Orphans

 9. Funeral Transportation Charges Aid

 10. Injured Aid

 11. Shaheed Aid

 12. Eid Gifts

The Balochistan Police acknowledges with thanks the support pronided by Asian Development Bank through  "The Project for Implementing Public Safety Reforms in Four Districts of Balochistan (TA-4537)" and Planning  & Development Department, Government of Balochistan in the design and development of this web site.

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