Child Protection Unit


  • To protect the rights of the children in conflict and contact with law


  • To enhance the enforcement of the JJSO (Juvenile Justice System Ordinance)
  • To provide protective services to the children in contact and conflict with law directly or through referrals and guidance
  • To serve as a resource center for information collection and dissemination and capacity building


  • The Child Protection Unit was established at CPO with the collaboration of UNICEF on 2nd July 2007. The renovation and furniture arrangements were made by UNICEF, 09 Computers were received from UNICEF for CPU in CPO and other Districts.
  • Child Protection Unit (a Friendly Unit/ outlet) was established PS City Quetta.  A fund of Rs. 440,000 was provided by UNICEF for repair, renovation and furniture etc.  Inauguration of the unit is planned in near future. 


The major components of Child Protection Unit are stated as below:

  • Service delivery
  • Capacity building
  • Resource Center (advocacy and social mobilization component)


Core functions of Child Protection Unit are:

  • Coordination and data compilation
  • Issuance of notification for the facilitation of children in conflict and contact with law
  • Advocacy at higher levels
  • Training and capacity building of the staff