To be professional, service-oriented and accountable to the people of Balochistan.


To fight crime and win public confidence by providing dynamic and effective law enforcement.


Balochistan Police will strive to uphold the following values to promote professionalism and trust:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Fairness


We as Balochistan Police follow some priorities mentioned as below:

Operational Priorities

  • Counter terrorism, sectarianism and extremism
  • Security of sensitive installations, foreigners, and dignitaries
  • Prevent highway robberies
  • Enforce traffic discipline
  • Free and prompt registration of cases
  • Ensure fair and speedy investigations
  • Prompt and professional response in calls for service
  • Redressal of public complaints
  • Prevent house robberies and street crimes
  • Zero tolerance against violence
  • Maintain public peace and order
  • Promote police-public partnership
  • Arrest of criminals and fugitives justice
  • Disseminate information to public
  • Develop performance indicators and monitoring mechanism
  • External accountability before Judiciary, Parliament, Executive and Media

Administrative Priorities

  • Internal accountability against corruption and misuse of authority
  • Welfare and incentives for police service
  • Promote merit and fair-play in internal administration
  • Accessibility to force and redressal of their problems
  • Ensure security of police officials
  • Security of tenures at operational levels
  • Emphasis on discipline, training and capacity building
  • Up-gradation of police infrastructure
  • Take pride in service and make a difference in quality of policing