IT Initiatives

In this era of Information Technology (IT), Balochistan Police is taking various steps to update a Law Enforcement Agency (LEAs) through IT applications with different kind of softwares to help People of Balochistan in every corner of the province through IT initiatives. Inshallah, Which will be helpful for everyone. The following software is full launched.

  • Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  • Police Station Record Managment System (PSRMS)
  • Criminal Record Managment System (CRMS)
  • Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM)
  • Complaint Management System (CMS)
  • Smart Police Station (SPS)
  • Hotel Eye (HE)
  • Travel Eye (TE)
  • Driving Licence Verification
  • Tenant Registration 

Few softwares are in pipeline and will be launched soon:

  • 111 Intelligence System
  • Welfare Eye
  • Local Eye Application
  • ACR