Online Police Verification

The Police Mobile Khidmat Markaaz (PMKM)/Police Khidmat Markaaz (PKM) is a source of Online Police Verification. 

The (PMKM)/(PKM) perform their task across the Balochistan through dedicated Buses. The general public can apply for online police verification through PMKM/PKM Buses & dedicated Police Stations in Balochistan. The verification is performed in three working days. It has verification fees which can be submitted in dedicated branch of National Bank of Pakistan. The Online verification will be received at your given address with 3 working days. 

You can get online police verification through dedicated police station specially in quetta you can get your online police verification from Police Station Gawalmandi, Police Station Cantt., Police Station Sariab & Police Station Quetta City.

The main purpose of online police verification is help the general public.