Scientific Developments

A Major scientific development done by Balochistan Police is the establishment of Forensic Science Laboratory.

Forensic Science Laboratory

The Balochistan Police established Forensics Science Laboratory, Crime Branch Quetta in 1984, which has been working under the supervision of Director Crimes Branch Balochistan Quetta. This Laboratory has got, examined more then fourth thousandcases of various criminal natures, i.e Narcotics ( Charas, Heroin, Opium, Alcohol) and Biological Specimens (Murder, Rape, and Vehicles) on behalf of the Balochistan Police and other law enforcement agencies in Balochistan i.e Pakistan Customs, Anti Narcotics Force, Anti Smuggling Agency (FC) Excise and Taxation, Balochistan Levies, Pakistan Railway Police, Regional Ehtesab Bureau (NAB) Anti Corruption, Federal Investigation agency (FIA) and Various District Courts in Balochistan Province.       


 The existing functional units are comprised of five sections:

  • Chemical Section
  • Fire arms Section
  • Finger Print Section
  • Question Documents Section and Chemical  

Chemical Section 

  • Chemical examination of Narcotics material i,e. Heroin, Morphine, Opium, Hashish and Alcohol
  • Detection of Biological specimen i,e. Human Blood in murder and Semen in Sodomy cases
  • Detection of Alcohol from blood and urine from the Accused person

Fire Arms Section

  • Examination of Crime shells/Crime Bullets
  • Identification of Fire arms
  • To detect the Gunpowder residue
  • To identify the working order of the weapon
  • This section has examined more then two thousand cases

Fingerprints Section 

  • To decipher the latent fingerprints impression upon any paper or instrument
  • To ensure comparison of fingerprints impression on account of similarity and dissimilarly

Questioned Documents Section 

  • This section deals with the cases of forgery committed in typescript writing, signatureand deciphering the concealed secret ink writing
  • This section has examined more then four hundred cases