Welfare Schemes

The objective of the Welfare Schemes are to cater for the welfare of the members of Balochistan Police, by offering Financial Assistance in the form of Loans, Financial Aid, Scholarships to the distressed official and family member of the Balochistan Police including Ministerial Staff.


Application for the Scholarship shall be submitted soon after the admission in colleges is closed. Scholarship shall be granted to the children of that Police Officers/Official who died during service. 

Reimbursment of Medical Charges

Claims for the cost of medicines prescribed for the restoration of health of the the Police Personnel and his dependents which cannot be paid from the Government revenues shall be examined by the District /Unit Welfare Committee and in deserving cases forwarded to the AIG Welfare for reimbursement of expenses not exceeding Rs.10,000 per annum. Only such claims shall be forwarded where the officials or dependent has remained as purchased medicines shall be duly attested aby the District Medical Officer/Resident Medical Officers of the Government Hospital/C.M.H with a non-availability certificate of the medicines so prescribed, which will be sanctioned by DIGP/Headquarters.

Financial Assistance To Shaheed/ Injured Police Officers

Rs. 25,000 shall e granted to the family/ dependent of Shaheed Police Officer for immediate relief. Rs.10,000 for major injuries and Rs. 5,000 for minor injuries to the serving Police officials in the line of duty or off duty including Ministerial Staff (one time grant), the said grant will be sanctioned by DIGP/Headquarters.

Financial Assistance On Retirement

Retirement grant at the following rate, shall be paid to retiring upper/lower subordinates and members of Ministerial Staff as well as Executing Staff who are regular contributor to Balochistan Police Welfare Fund

Financial Assistance For Marriage

  • Financial Assistances Rs.10,000 shall be paid to the serving lower/upper subordinates and members of Ministerial Staff for their own marriage having a least 03 years service.
  • An amount of Rs.20,000 each for eh marriages of first two daughters will be paid to servine and retired Police Employees.
  • An amount of Rs. 40,000 for marriage of all the daughters of widows fo deceased (who died during service / Shaheeds Police Employees.
  • Subject to provision of Nikah Nama registered from NADRA, B form and CNIC both serving/retired Shaheed/deceased widows duly attested by Gazetted officer.
  • Marriage AID will be sanctioned by DIGP/Headquarters.

Child Birth

An assistance of Rs. 10,000 each of 1st and 2nd delivery, through major operation (Lower Segment Caesarian Section (LCSC) shall be extended to upper/lower subordinates and members of Ministerial Staff at least 3 years of Balochistan Police service at his/her credit birth certificate attested by medical officer/chairman Town/ Committee / Municipal Committee shall be submitted to the AIG Welfare and will be sanctioned by DIGP/Headquarters.

Financial Assistance 

  • Financial Assistance up to Rs. 100,000/- can only be granted by IGP Balochistan in case of dire need to the serving and widow of shaheed police person.
  • Financial Assistance up to Rs. 25,000/- can be granted by IGP Balochistan in case of dire need to widow of police employees and retired police employees.
  • Financial Assistance up to Rs. 500/- to 1000/0 per month for the serving employees and their children in cases where lifelong treatment is required in serious diseases like Thalassemia, Ronal Dialysis, Cancer etc except Blood Pressure , Diabetes and other minor illness. The said grant can sanction by W/IGP Balochistan.

Quarterly Grant To Police Lines Hospitals/Dispensaries

A Number of dispensaries have been established in various District/ Units to provide health facilities to Police Officers/ Officials including their families the medicines purchased from agency/dealers will be properly entered in the stock registers and will be issued to police patients and their family members only. The bills vouchers along with Committee Report should reach to AIG Welfare in the first week of each quarter which be sanctioned by DIGP/Headquarters. Following quarterly grants shall be issued to each dispensary to extend the medical relief to the Balochistan Police Force.

Subsistence Allowance To Widows And Orphans

Monthly Subsistence Allowance at the following rate shall be admissible to the widows and orphans of upper/lower subordinates and Ministerial Staff except shaheed widows who are getting salaries